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My Focus Areas

Economic Security for our Communities
Fair pay and pensions for all
. Staunch advocate for developing Green Energy in the UK and making the transition affordable.

Social Justice
Stringent protection of public services and advocacy for the NHS. Lobby for an overhaul strategy of community social care.

The Environment
Absolute commitment to UK carbon net zero and ensuring we continue to lead globally.

Criminal Justice Reform

A focus on tackling the turnstile effect of the Prison system and a focus on rehabilitation to reduce reoffending.

Youth Engagement 

Utilise personal experience to enhance youth engagement.

Support refunding of Youth Centres and Youth Mental Health Services. Enhanced support for SEN provision in schools.


My History

20171017_150107 (1).jpg

British Army

My commitment to public service was honed as a Regular Officer in the British Army, where I completed 2 frontline tours of Afghanistan as a Captain. During my service I completed a Masters in Strategy & Security at Exeter University and also held the position of Adjutant, a senior Captain's role. On leaving Regular Service I transferred to the Reserves where I am now a Squadron Leader in a recconaissance unit.

3Pillars Project

The lessons I learned as a leader in the Army, led me to found 3Pillars Project, a charity that rehabilitates young people in custody. We work with young people on release from prison and those drawn into County Lines in the Midlands and the South East. The charity is beacon of hope for many, and the project is direct proof that, with strong leadership and a passionate belief in change, we can create new and innovative solutions to time old problems.


Amodigo, to which I am co-founder and partner, was established as a purpose led leadership practice, supporting business to re-establish positive working environments after Covid. Amodigo exists to enhance the leadership and performance of companies by supporting teams to flourish with accredited leadership, management, coaching and mentoring training.

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