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About Me

I believe passionately in public service. From serving 8 years in the British Army, including two tours of Afghanistan, to founding the criminal justice charity 3Pillars Project in 2016, to deliver long-term rehabilitation programmes for young people in custody.


My family have deep ties to the area that go back centuries, the region is a key part of who we are. Service to our communities has been central to our family, working in hospitals and schools, with a clear commitment to seeing the region thrive. With your help, I want to continue this service.

I have the privilege to run a criminal justice charity that rehabilitates young people in custody. Every day I see the impact that poor investment in public services has on the frontline. I see the impact of failing public transport that isolates communities. I see the impact of the climate emergency and flooding on our region. These are the key reasons why I believe in engaging in local politics.

Being an MP is not something that should be overtly sought. Our politics needs people with the humility to build consensus but also the ability to fully represent our interests and work for economic stability and public service investment. We need representatives with a relentless commitment to the Net Zero energy transition.


Service & Leadership

Service to others comes first. Through my experiences in the Army and through running a charity, I've experienced some challenging tests. These have reaffirmed my belief in who I am and what I offer, as well as giving me a clear sense of the type of leadership I believe in as a public servant. I am determined, I am resilient and, most importantly, care about the future of others. 

Through my work in the Army and in criminal justice, I have seen progress stall over the last decade on numerous fronts. Countless policies and promises have amounted to little real positive change. We have an opportunity now to resolve this through a Labour government.


My policy focuses are: 

  • Economic security for people on low pay and pensions

  • Social justice and protection of our public services and transport

  • Environmental and ecological action - NOW!

BBC Breakfast - Criminal Justice Reform

My lived experiences and my commitment to the task at hand make me well equipped to deliver on these policy focusses. I have campaigned tirelessly for criminal justice reform since leaving the Army and established a successful charity working with some of the most disadvantaged young people in the country.


I believe that government, communities and the most advantaged in society have a responsibility to support those who face the greatest challenges. In short, this is why I am a Labour party member.

How can you help?

Let's build a movement that brings victory not just at the General Election, but at the Council Elections too. Let's rebuild the proper representation in parliament.

As with any campaign, I am excited to speak to people about endorsements and nominations, ward branches, affiliated trade unions and socialist societies. Please ask your ward, society or union to contact me, so that we can speak; I welcome the opportunity to speak at any length. Please also feel free to get in touch.

I am happy to answer any questions that you submit below - I'd love to hear from you. 


Get in Touch

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